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Lake District picture Photographs from our Lake District Hiking Trip November, 2005

Here are some photos from our trip to the Lake District in Cumbria, north-west England, back in late November 2005. The onset of winter isn't really the ideal time to visit this area, it can be wet and cold at the best of times, but the advantage is that there are no crowds.

Highlights of the trip included the climb up to Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England, and the pub food!! The friendly local hospitality is also a very welcome change from the normal London malaise.

Sunday 26 November.
These photos (except for the last) were taken on the walk up to the summit of Scarfell Pike. At an altitude of 978 metres, it's the highest peak in England. We drove from our B&B in Keswick, to the parking area at Seathwaite, just south of Derwent Water and north of Scafell.

The weather was mostly cloudy, with the sun breaking through briefly a few times. The temperature was quite cold, although not overly so for the time of year - only a few days before the onset of winter. At the summit, the tmemperature was much colder of course, and also very windy. The sleet and snow being blown by the wind made it a little uncomfortable to stand facing the wind for more than a few seconds. It was worth it for the view though, especially the view north, looking back in the direction we'd climbed.

Monday 27 November.
The last photo was taken on the way up Skiddaw. The batteries in my camera were failing due to old age and the cold weather, and by the time we reached the summit, both batteries had given up - very frustrating!

Waterfall on the way to Scafell Pike
One of the smaller peaks on the way to Scafell Pike
Scafell Pike
Stream flowing towards the Derwent River
Scafell Pike
View from a small footbridge over the stream
Scafell Pike
Another of the smaller peaks on the way to Scafell Pike
Scafell Pike
Looking back down the valley towards Seathwaite
Scafell Pike
Alex on the first major uphill section of the walk
Scafell Pike
A nice view of part of the rocky path - it\'s not all this easy\!
Scafell Pike
Stunning view down the valley during a brief sunny moment
Scafell Pike
Above the snowline, looking towards the summit
Scafell Pike
The view back down the valley from where we came
Scafell Pike
Just below the summit
Scafell Pike
Beautiful stone bridge on the way back down
Scafell Pike
On the way to Skiddaw (931 metres) - just the final (steepest) section to go

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