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Here is a list of web sites that I've found interesting, entertaining, or otherwise useful. Select one of the categories on the right. These links are here mainly for my own benefit but you might find them useful. Links open in a new window.

All sites listed here are external internet sites. craigporter.com is not responsible for the content of these sites. Please let me know of any broken links.


Scams & Critical Thinking

Health Links
A guide to naturopathic history, theories, and practices.

Bad Science
Web site of Ben Goldacre, a British medical doctor and journalist. The site is devoted to satirical criticism of scientific inaccuracy, health scares, pseudoscience and quackery, it focuses especially on examples from the mass media, consumer product marketing, problems with the pharmaceutical industry and its relationship to medical journals, and complementary and alternative medicine.

The Public Library of Science. An interactive open-access journal for the communication of peer-reviewed scientific and medical research.

Legacy Tobacco Documents Library
The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library is a University of California, San Francisco site containing more than 11 million documents (60+ million pages) created by major tobacco companies related to their advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research activities.

SmokinGate publishes original inside stories about the international tobacco industry's leader, Philip Morris International, Inc.

10:23 Campaign
The 10:23 Campaign, organised by the non-profit organisation Merseyside Skeptics Society, aims to raise awareness about the reality of homeopathy.

Sense About Science
Sense About Science is an independent charitable trust promoting good science and evidence in public debates by promoting respect for evidence and by urging scientists to engage actively with a wide range of groups, particularly when debates are controversial or difficult.

The Quackometer
The quackometer is a project based around the automation of debunking quack medicine on the web. It is an experiment to see if it is easy to spot quack web sites just from the language they use. The idea for the site came about after various discussions on Guardian writer Ben Goldacre's Bad Science blog.

Science Based Medicine
A web site founded by Steven Novella exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine, including complimentary and alternative medicine.

The Scientist
The mission of The Scientist is to provide compelling print and online coverage of the latest developments in the life sciences including research, technology and business. Their target audience is active researchers that are interested in maintaining a broad view of the life sciences by reading articles that are current, concise, accurate and entertaining.

Science Based Medicine
The editorial staff of Science-Based Medicine is composed of several physicians who, alarmed at the manner in which unscientific and pseudoscientific health care ideas have increasingly infiltrated academic medicine and medicine at large, have decided to do their part to examine these claims in the light of science and skepticism.

Nation Master
NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, UN, and the OECD and is a handy way to graphically compare nations in categories such as levels of wealth, smoking, obesity, corruption, poverty, life expectancy, and countless more.

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